Our Story

It was just suppose to be one: one box, one month, one joke.


Heidi and I visited San Francisco and stayed with her brother and his roommates for the weekend. This is when we met Simon who is by all accounts a nice and normal guy and with whom we shared a brief and insignificant time.

Except, on Saturday night, Simon made potatoes. Not a regular amount of potatoes, a giant cauldron pot of mashed potatoes, for which he was mocked… as per protocol.

After a weekend full of fun, we returned to life in LA.

Several days later, whilst pumping iron, an extraordinary idea came to me! Wouldn’t it be silly if I mailed Simon a box of potatoes? No note, no return address, just a random box of potatoes. How fun. I ran this idea by Heidi one Friday night. She said, “No note? How about a Post-It?” One drink later. “How about a post card that… says they are really super special potatoes?”

Two drinks later. And…

The Potato of the Month Club was born!


The next weekend we called Tim (Heidi’s brother) to try and get inside information about Simon’s reaction to our first box. We had not told him we were behind this and it was not our intention to tell him at this time.

The conversation did not go as planned.

It went something like this… blah blah blah hi, hi, how are you, good, good, ANYWAY, he was giving us nothing. Then Heidi VERY inconspicuously asked Tim, “Did Simon get anything in the mail this week?” Yes. Yes he had, said Tim… and! was Simon laughing at this obviously ridiculous and fake club? NO. He believed it! He told Tim, “Hey man, it looks like someone enrolled me in the Potato of the Month Club.”

As we were now, obviously, too legit to quit…

We sent him a Christmas gift!


We brought in the New Year!


Welcome to the New Year Edition of POMC. Let’s go behind the scenes! Picture this… Two girls in their 20’s. A Saturday night. A fabric store. From amidst thousands of fabrics, we select a beautiful crushed velvet. Next we passionately debate which gold ribbon matches the elegance of the month’s potato.Later, while hand-sewing a purple velvet pillow a plush throne for the Prized and Holy Potato, we pause. And for just one moment we stop and ask ourselves, “Is this weird?”

But then! after three months of silence, our inside man Tim (who was useless for the most part, I really want to stress that) provides us one glorious piece of feedback. He tells us that Simon has gone so far as to look up AND call Clubs Galore to ask if they had a Potato of the Month club. We imagine it went something like this…
Betty: “Clubs Galore dot com, your one stop shop for every club under the sun, Betty speaking, how may I assist you today?”
Simon: “Hi my name is Simon, I took time out of my very busy schedule to look up your website, click on the ‘contact us’ link, and dial your number because I absolutely can’t go one more day without knowing… do you have a Potato of the Month club??”
Betty: “Why, no we do not, good sir, but that is a GRRREAT idea!”
Simon: *with hands lifted to the heavens in frustration* “GAAAHHH!”
-End Scene-
It was a proud moment for POMC.
Then came our first (and last) hashtag…

2015-01-20 14.06.49

We decided very quickly the answer to “Is this weird?” would forever be “No, it’s awesome.” And that was that.

We made him feel loved for Valentine’s day.

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Then we started a newspaper.


And made sure to be mindful of traditions with our Easter Potatoes!

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FUN FACT! There is, to this day, no information on how to dye potatoes like Easter eggs on the internet whatsoever. Crazy.

Then we began a movement!

And it was back to school!


FUN FACT #2! There is an absolute SHOCKING lack of professional potato photography. Heidi and I were forced to arrange our own shoot one day in a college library to bring you the photo in the flyer above.

Nothing says Halloween like Potato candies!

Explaining to the woman at Michael’s exactly what materials I needed to make potato ornaments was definitely a first
…for the both of us.

And this would be our last.

We hope you enjoyed this as much as we did! The currency here at POMC is laughter and silliness (only because we made literally zero dollars) AND! laughter and silliness are proven to improve and extend your life, so, you are welcome.

2015-03-29 15.02.43
My favorite picture of me and Heidi. 🙂

Thank you for reading! Share our silly story, share laughter, share… potatoes.
Peace, love, and potatoes,
-Hannah and Heidi